• What's the weather like at Vera Playa?

    Vera Playa has a lovely climate - the winters are the warmest in Europe and the summers are hot, yet we enjoy sea breezes, and the sun shines over 300 days a year on average. We are on the edge of the nearest thing to a desert that mainland Europe can claim, so other than some sea humidity, the dry and temperate atmosphere is superb for those who suffer from arthritis and asthma.  You can check out the local weather on the BBC site for Garrucha www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2517310, about 5km away from Vera Playa.
    For month by month weather details, visit

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  • Where can I find more about Vera Playa?
    For further extensive information about Vera Playa, visit www.veraplaya.info and www.veraplayafriends.com.

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  • It's our first time on a naturist holiday - what should we know?

    There are very few rules as such - but you are required to be naked while in the pools; otherwise, it is clothing optional. If you are cold - dress up! If you are warm, strip down! It is perfectly legal and acceptable to walk around the naturist zone nude, but the usual etiquette is to always have a towel or sarong / pareo to sit on while at a beach bar or on a friends furniture. Some people prefer to wrap themselves in these while walking around the complex or on the pavements, but it is personal preference. The whole point is that you feel comfortable and at ease in your own skin. Once you see people walking around, sitting having a drink and sunning themselves you realise it is the most natural thing in the world... Respect your fellow naturist, look them in the eyes when talking to them, and allow them and yourself your personal space. For women and men, worried about their own body's apparent imperfections or shortcomings, or possible reactions...naturism is not about perfection - just imagine the queue at your supermarket at home, all suddenly standing naked, and there is your average cross-section of naturists. Don't worry, enjoy your holiday!

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  • How do I know when I am in a naturist zone?

    In the summer, there are usually lots of other naked people walking about, but the naturist zone is not cordoned off and other than one sign on Calle Ciudad de Castellon, leading directly to the main parking area for beach access, not even signed. You won't be arrested, in Spain one has the right to be naked in any public place - so sunbathing or swimming naked on any beach is within the law, nor should you be harangued if you inadvertently stray, so don't worry. A map showing the naturist zone is available on line at www.veraplayafriends.com/index.php/page,2.html, a copy is in the apartment folder.

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  • Do you need an INF card to stay at Vera Playa?

    No, this is an open area with some 10 naturist residential areas - no card is required.

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  • If the area is open, don't you get voyeurs etc?

    The urbanizations are fenced off, mainly to prevent all and sundry using their pools and gardens, and the policia local (blue and white cars) and guardia civil (green and white cars) do maintain a low profile patrol in the naturist zone, beach and indeed, all the locality. While there have been some rare occasions when police assistance has been sought to oust unwanted individuals, this has been a remarkable exception and in no way a common or regular occurrence. There is no more, indeed probably much less, inappropriate behaviour on the naturist beach than any other beach. It is a family friendly holiday and residential area, and generally quiet and peaceable.

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  • Is there public transport?

    The Vera Playa naturist zone now benefits from an almost hourly No. 2 bus service to either Vera town or Garrucha and Mojacar Playa. Buses pick up and set down by the Consum supermarket roundabout and also at the roundabout which leads down to the naturist zone (where there is another bus stop) and the sea or off to Pueblo Salinas and Vera. The local bus company is Baraza; timetables and stops can be viewed at www.autocaresbaraza.com.

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  • I know I drive on the right in Spain, but what else is different?

    If you've rented a car, these things should be provided, but if you're driving down, it is a legal requirement in France and Spain to carry two red triangles. You also need a reflective jacket for each person who may be in the car and need to get out in case of a breakdown or accident. You must have a first aid kit and a set of spare light bulbs. You must come to a full and complete stop at a stop sign even if the road is obviously clear or face a hefty on-the-spot fine. In a designated road works area on a motorway, or before entering a tunnel, you must turn on dipped headlights. You need current tax, a valid insurance document and a logbook "Certificat de Immatriculation" and proof of payment of your insurance. You cannot use any form of headset or bluetooth device attached to your ear from your mobile phone only a full "hands free" not attached to your person. More detailed information can be found at madrid.angloinfo.com/information/transport/driving/.

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  • Is there a set arrival and departure day?

    There is no set day or time for arrivals and departures. We are as flexible as possible to accommodate you, dependent upon availability of the apartment. However, there is a supplementary charge of €10 for arrivals after 10pm and/or departures before 8 am.

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  • What else is in the area?

    Our other page on local attractions and tourist information lists some activities and places to visit. You could also visit www.mojacaronline.com.

    There are also newspapers that put their content online, visit
    www.euroweeklynews.com and www.soltimes.com.

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